Thank you for visiting my website. Many have given up on California saying that it is an "ungovernable" state. No matter what laws are enacted, some politically motivated initiative or referendum eventually comes along and changes all the rules. Term limits, for example, while ensuring a constant turnover of people, has produced a serious shortage of experienced legislative leaders in Sacramento. Moreover, matters have gotten so partisan in Sacramento, nothing can get done. So the theory goes.

Sometimes it seems that way. In recent years, Californians reelected a Democratic Governor to a second term. Unsatisfied with the election result, a wealthy San Diego Republican paid over a million dollars to qualify a recall ballot against Governor Davis. In a confusing recall election where there were a hundred candidates on the ballot, Governor Davis was recalled and a Hollywood action figure entered into the Governor's office.

In his first term, Governor Schwarzenegger cut hundreds of millions of dollars from the schools. He tried to cut the pension benefits of firemen and police officers. Teachers, police officers, firemen, and other public employee groups successfully opposed his plan in the legislature. Shortly thereafter, Governor Schwarzenegger announced his intention to call a costly and unnecessary Special Election to achieve through ballot measures what he could not achieve in the legislature. Read More...

Assemblymember Charles M. Calderon

Assemblymember Calderon:
Governor Ignoring Voters on Policy Reforms

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